About Doing It Write

Welcome to Doing it Write!

My name is Amber, and I'm so glad you're here. This blog is where I discuss all things writing, and writing - as all my close friends know - is dear to my heart.

Now, I must tell you that this is not the blog of an expert. But you'll find that out anyway. My list of writing achievements is more of a sentence than a list; I've self-published two books, (only one is still currently on the market), have one manuscript awaiting publication, and am working on my fourth. So I'm not a writer with a long list of titles after my name. And I pretty much flunked grammar when I was in school.  (Yes, even a homeschooler can do that.)

But I love writing. And I write. And I've won a few small writing contests. And I've been writing since I was 12 (serious writing, that is). And I fell in love with grammar, structure, and language the year I graduated. So I have a few things going for me.

I also have the best inspiration a writer could have; the God of heaven and earth has redeemed me, and I believe He wants me to spread His gospel through written words. He's given me His own, perfect, inspired Word to be my guide, and He's planted within my heart a desire to write. He sheds His love on me every moment of my existence, and He commands me to make Him known and glorified through my life.

Talk about motivation.   

I write about Him. I write for Him. He's the audience I care about most. His approval means more to me than thousands of favorable reviews from others. So if you hang around here long, you're going to hear me talk about Him. Because I expect you to be writing for the same reason; His honor. Period. There is no worthier cause. Nothing. Zip. Nada. If you disagree, I'm out to convert you.

Consider yourself warned.

I do ask one thing of you, if you are going to be here long. Please remember that this is a blog, not a book. I write in a different style when I'm blogging than when I'm reading. I'm choppier. I'm looser with my grammar. I make up strange words. So, when in one paragraph I remind you that sentences should not end with prepositions, and in the next I leave you hanging with one, remember that I never said I was perfect.

But you clicked on the tab "About Doing It Write" to learn more about this blog, not me, right? Well, the best way to find out what is here is to look around. I'm a firm believer in the idea that writing is an art, which means every person has their own style, but I believe even more strongly in the fact that writing is a trade. It's something you can have skill in. There are techniques to writing. It's something you can study, and dissect, and improve in. (There, I told you I'd leave a preposition hanging somewhere.) This blog exists to share things I'm learning about writing. When I read or hear a prime jewel of advice for my trade, I want a place to share it!

If you feel you have you have perfected your writing as far as humanly possible, then I bid you farewell. If you shy away from change/improvement under the cloak of "it's my style!" I shake my head at you. If you are panting to be better at what you do, I offer you a firm handshake and say "welcome!" Because that's exactly how I feel. Let's study to show ourselves approved workmen. Let's exchange ideas! Let's walk the journey of learning to write - together.