Here's where I list blogs or websites of fellow writers. Want to add your blog/website to the list? It's simple. Sites that are listed here must:

1) Contain no questionable content (offensive language, suggestive photos, etc.). Blogs are not absolutely required to be written from a Christian point of view, but it is highly admired and encouraged. 

2) Be helpful to other writers. Give us something new to think about!
       (Note: I am looking for blogs that are primarily about writing, not the ones that mention "the book I am working on" every couple of months or so. Even so, if your occasional writing posts are exciting enough that I can't stand not to share them, I might list you anyway, with an explanation.)

3) Request a listing. Leave me a comment on my blog, with a link to your blog or site, and I'll review it to see if it meets the above requirements. If I link to your blog, I would like the favor to be returned, if at all possible.

Note to fellow readers: I do not guarantee the security of any listed site, nor do the views represented on a listed site necessarily agree with my own. Sites contained in this list are ones that I found to be informative and enjoyable at the time I last viewed them.

Now that all the legalities are taken care of....Enjoy!